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Police Forms

This area of the site is where forms needed for a Law Enforcement agency to purchase a firearm tax exempt.

To get the forms click the on the links to download PDF's on the right, all three forms are required for tax exempt sales.

Federal Tax Exempt
This is the Federal Tax Exemption form. It is used for Law Enforcement agencies that are purchasing firearms. Individual officers do not need this, as they are not tax exempt. 

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Sample Police Dept.Letter
This is a sample letter to be used for official purchases for the department. It will have to be on the department letterhead, signed by the Chief/Sheriff etc. 

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Law Enforcement Officer Exemption  (Law Letter)
Letter needed to ship an individual officer a firearm to the department.

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Vermont Sales Tax Exemption
Vermont State sales tax exemption form. This is used for tax exempt agencies to avoid paying the Vermont Sales Tax. Law enforcement agencies are tax exempt, individual officers are not. 

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I need this form on file for each department I do business with, not just for firearms. 

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